Our Starting Point ...

We started out on the conviction that law as currently practiced is unsustainable in the near future. The principal issues being that legal services are offered in a manner that is not client centric/friendly and that the services are offered with little concern to the business or personal environment of the client seeking the services.

Our Solution ...

We are committed and dedicated to give our clients a different experience in these two areas of client care and customized legal solutions. We want that when you come to us for legal services you feel like you have met a breathe of fresh air and wonder where you have been all these years.


Our Approach

Our solution is founded on the following three approaches:

  • Client Care

    We set out to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients become part of our family. We enjoy offering our services to you (of course for a fee) and making the whole process a positive experience for you. It is against this background that we offer our services to you with unmatched client care. We pledge that we shall pick your calls within the first two or three rings, we shall respond to or acknowledge your e-mail within the day and we shall open up our offices to you with no appointment. Unmatched client care is the ultimate focus of MGA.

  • Customized Solutions

    We set out to understand the business and personal environment against which our clients are seeking our services. We test our service against your environment and fully customize it to suit your business and personal needs. We do this by visiting your business and personal environment and in some cases even offering our services within the locality of these environments. The future of professional services is services offered within the comfort zone of the client and we want to be ahead of the pack way before the time comes. We trust that this is a good deal for our clients.

  • International Approach

    The world has been reduced to a global village owing to advancing technological innovations. As our clients expand to do business in the global markets, MGA has continued to build its capacity to offer legal services across international markets. By consolidating our alliances and partnerships with global law firms, which share our value system, we are positioned to guarantee our unique unmatched client care even in global transactions.

    Our global approach makes MGA a suitable partner for foreign companies and clients who require professional and client-focused legal advisory services for transactions in Kenya and the larger African region. We advise on emerging investment opportunities in Kenya and offer legal counsel for transactions such as joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, franchise agreements and

    Our local clients benefit from our experience and networks within international markets. We offer a globalized approach to local transactions and offer legal support that positions our clients to access global markets whether from a business or legal position.

The End Game

So what is our end game? Why seek to change how and where legal services are offered? Why seek to move out of the lawyers’ comfort zone? Honestly speaking we are not sure whether there is an end game. However we are doing these things because we sincerely believe that they should be done this way and that by doing these things in this way then we add value to our clients and the world as a whole and in the process change the way things are done in the market place of lawyers. Lastly and probably most importantly we wish to leave a legacy that we can be proud of. Did we answer the question on the end game? Probably not but at least we tried.

Our Clients

Our Law Firm and/or Advocates have handled corporate, commercial and/or conveyancing work for, inter alia, the following companies:

  • Equity Bank (Kenya) Limited
  • First Community Bank Limited
  • Guardian Bank of Kenya Limited
  • Rafiki Microfinance Bank Limited
  • Kenya Women Finance Trust Limited
  • Progressive Credit Microfinance Ltd
  • Dream Credit Microfinance Ltd
  • Hyperteck Electrical Services Limited
  • Family Bank Limited
  • Kirinyaga University
  • Chai Sacco
  • Kenya Re
  • Sidian Bank
  • Century Bank
  • EPZA
  • Port Marine(EA) Limited
  • Taslimu Capital
  • CRA- Commission of Revenue Authority
  • Fusion Capital
  • Eclof  Kenya
  • Alupe University College