We impact our Society in the following ways:

The issue of sustainability has been on the top of the global agenda for a while and being a global player we have aligned our practices to promote sustainability in the areas of minimizing carbon print, energy conservation, waste management, ethical business practices and gender equality and safety.

By offering our services in a sustainable manner we contribute to the reduction of poverty, protecting the planet for future generations and ensuring prosperity for all.

We employ our staff from the local community thereby positively impacting on our staff as well as the friends, families and relatives of our staff.

In case you would wish to work with us kindly contact us through the careers page and we shall be glad to review your skill and experience.

We partner with various non-government organizations and sports agencies to support the deserving members of our society through giving donations in cash and kind, offering pro-bono work or internships.

In case you would wish to partner with us please get in touch with us through the contact page and we shall be glad to review your proposal for partnership.

We are beneficiaries of mentorship programs and are therefore passionate about mentorships and the role they play in developing effective leaders for tomorrow. The Managing Partner is a beneficiary of the ‘Wings to Fly’ Program by Equity Bank (Kenya) Limited while the other partner is a Mandela Washington Fellow which is flagship mentorship project of President Obama's YALI -Young African Leaders Initiative

To this end our Firm or the partners in their individual capacities have established various mentorship programs within the work place, in other businesses where we are directors and even the churches that we go to.

We seek our goods and services from the local community thereby driving enterprise in the society. We are firm believers of buying local to build local and as long as you have the right quality of the good and service that we require then you stand a chance to supply us with the good and service.

Some governments have established preferential treatment for enterprises owned by youths, women and the disabled and we are happy to comply with such policies in our partnerships with suppliers.

In case you would wish to supply us with a good or service please contact us through the contact page and we shall be glad to review your offer.