As a business we have developed the following standard values and principles that guide our behavior and ensure that our business operates at an optimum:

We have procedures and risk management standards in place across our business to ensure that we comply with applicable regulations in the course of our practice.  Our risk management standards are designed to safeguard our business and that of our clients, and to ensure that our behavior conforms at all times with our business principles.

To this end we maintain relevant insurance policies for our business and staff in the areas of health, work insurance benefits act and professional indemnity to ensure that any losses that may occur in the course of our practice are adequately covered.

As well as safeguarding our global practice and our reputation, risk management constitutes good business practice and promotes professional behavior.  Our personnel are made aware of our policy on risk management through compulsory training.

The nature of our work means that we often have to develop new solutions for our clients in areas outside the traditional legal services arena. Innovation therefore becomes an important tool in helping us remain relevant to our clients’ needs. We encourage our team to be innovative and to think outside or even without the box and to this end we have created an ideal work environment to facilitate innovation. We have also digitized all our operations to ensure that our solutions are offered to our clients in a seamless and convenient manner.

We are currently working on a solution that can enable us offer to our clients legal services on an online platform and we will be glad to share the solution with you as soon as it becomes available.

Our clients come first in what we do and we seek to always offer our legal services with unmatched client care. The traditional approach in offering legal services was that the client had to seek and fit within the comfort zone of the lawyer. We seek to disrupt this approach by completely reversing it by providing legal services that fit within the comfort zone of our clients. In most instances we offer legal services within our clients physical business environments thereby giving our clients convenience and easy access to our team. This approach is then supported by excellent and unmatched client care.

The world is a global village today and we have developed robust networks of working relationships with law firms and advocates that share our values across the world to ensure that our clients receive seamless legal solutions in all parts of the world.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link and we therefore seek to create a strong team across all our areas of operation through effective collaboration and sharing of information. We have invested in team building programs that seek to break barriers between our staff ensuring that our staff truly operate within a team culture.

We focus on providing consistently high quality legal services to our clients. To achieve this we have invested in an adequate and skilled human resource. We are industry leaders in our areas of operations. We have training and exchange programs that seek to continually improve the skill and knowledge of our staff.

We seek to recognize and appreciate the diversity of the world as a whole. Our staff and clients are drawn from all over the world. We seek not to discriminate our staff, clients or anyone else on the basis of tribe, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status, age, nationality or on any other irrelevant basis. We endeavour to treat all people with respect and courtesy. Our employment opportunities are open to all based on the unique qualities and qualifications of each applicant.