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The legal status of a foreigner or a non-resident is a complex one. You are entering new territory where you may experience challenges in not only language and culture, but also with the local laws.

We acknowledge this gap and offer our clients falling under this status various legal solutions to make them as comfortable as possible in the new territory.

These services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Business Immigration: Assistance in search of residence, processing student and work visa and work permits for employees and staff
  • Individual and Family Immigration: We handle family immigration issues and visa petitions, ensuring that families stay together and that those eligible obtain their immigration benefits.
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Company Formation: create companies using our customised advice in terms of the shareholding and tax structure to adopt.
  • Trademark and Copyright: Protection of brands, patents and intellectual property in the local market
  • Contract and Commercial Law: Drafting of civil and mercantile contracts with third parties
  • Administrative Functions: Legal assistance in administrative formalities: licences, permits and applications before the various administrations
  • Tax Advice
  • Trustworthy Referrals: Referrals to other professionals that they may need including accountants, engineers, architects, doctors etc