Inaugural Webinar


“The Law Firm of the Future”

Law—like so many industries—is undergoing a tectonic shift. It is morphing from a lawyer dominated, practice-centric, labor-intensive guild to a tech-enabled, process and data-driven, multi-disciplinary global industry.

The career paths, skills, and expectations of lawyers have changed significantly over the past several years. While legal practice in its strict form is shrinking, the business of delivering legal services is expanding rapidly. Law is no longer the exclusive province of lawyers.

Similarly, legal knowledge is now not the sole element of legal delivery—business and technological competencies are equally important. The business of delivering legal services is a whole new ballgame—one that most lawyers are unprepared for.

Mukiri Global Advocates has launched a monthly Webinar Series dubbed “The Law Firm of the Future”. This Webinar Series seeks to highlight the emerging trends and opportunities in the delivery of legal services on a global landscape.


  • Vincent Mukiri

    Founder & Managing Partner, Mukiri Global Advocates

  • Carolyne Kamende

    Vice President, Law Society of Kenya

  • Dr. Peter Kwenjera

    Dean, Faculty of Law, Strathmore University

  • Christine Kahema Muthui

    Founder & Lead Consultant, Alpha Tax & Business Advisory Services Ltd


Kezy Mukiri

Partner, Mukiri Global Advocates & Lead Consultant, Ignite Trade Africa